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Foundaton Amelia Moreno

The Fundación Amelia Moreno is an independent, non-profit organization dedicaed to promoting contemporary art through its annual Encounters of Artists. Its second aim is to conserve and promote the artistic legacy of its founder, Amelia Moreno.

The Foundation is located in Espacio-Arte El Dorado, part of the former liquor factory "Anis El Dorado", located in Quintanar de la Orden, in the provice of Toledo, Spain, within the region of La Mancha. Every year, during the two last weeks of September, this space hosts the Encounters, with an exhibition of contemporary art, concerts, perfomances, poetry readings and other events.

Organized by the Foundation's Board of Trustees, and with the support of local governemental institutions and private patrons, the Encounters aim for a diversity of sensibilities and artistic practices, including voces from different generations and origins, sharing a common rigor and spirit of experimentation.

The first Encounter took place in 2004. The Foundation was established In 2007 to give the project a solid and permanent legal framework, and to assure its future continuity. The Foundation maintains a permanent collection of the work of Amelia Moreno as well as her archives.

David Cohn

Board of Directors
David Cohn, President
Noni Benegas, Vice President
Gema Craquis, Secretary
Fernando Rampérez, Voting Member


Avenida del IV Centenario, s/n
45800 Quintanar de la Orden (Toledo) SPAIN

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David Cohn, Director
Fundación Amelia Moreno
Tres Peces 14 Estudio
28012 Madrid SPAIN


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